Monday, September 10, 2012

Best Business Idea Lao and Get 25,000 By Fever 104

So do you have business ideas? Or you have the best business idea but not having money to start out? Do you live in Delhi? Do you have all the business skill? If you feel all that qualities you already having then don't think and tune into Fever 104 FM. Fever 104 offering 25 lac rupee to start business but your business idea need to be very strong (Bole to Faadu Business Idea) and set out your business to start earning money. Which radio station is offering such money to start business.

Faadu Idea Laao or Le Jao 25,00000 For registration:-
Go to write message box and type Fever (Your Name) and send it to 52424

Or come to Fever office at Kasturba Ghandi Marg, Building of Hindustan Times. or you can call on 011- 44104104. So Think if you have a great business mind or wait for the best idea.

Well, i do have the best business idea but wo 25 lac mai start nahi ho sakta hai toh i though i shouldn't tell this idea to Fever 104 FM.

Keep listening to Fever 104, It's all about the music.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Picture Panday with Anurag Panday on Fever 104

Picture Panday! In Delhi you can enjoy with Anurag Panday. Who will let you know everything (Trivia, spoiler, accident etc.) related to a particular movie. And in Mumbai the person who host the same show having same sir name :D "Panday" coz the last name define the show's content and elements etc.

I live in Delhi so will talk about Anurag Panday. He come to studio around 1:50 PM and start his show at 2:00. YEah his show is having ultimate and humor-full content and lot's of films trivia, which everyone is loving to know about. Who won't interested to know about Celeb and their films, Director, Choreographer etc. Bole to Anurag Panday tells every story releated to the movie. Along with that he also play the songs releated to the movie he is talking about within the show.

Recently, Anurag Panday met Bipasha Basu on the show Picture Panday and was very excited. You know Bips is too hot so guys must become excited. Let's see his excitement of getting clicked with her.

Not yet met him so nothing much to talk about. But people love the way he share info of movie. 

Tune in to Fever 104 and got to listen Picture Panday With Anurag Panday.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Zara Si Life with DJ Richa from 9 PM to 11PM Mon - Sat

So if you have been listening to Fever 104 FM then you must listen to Richa. She comes everyday (Mon to Sat) in the morning 6 to 7 and then come at night from 9 to 11. She hosts the show "Zara Si Life". Zara Si life, on of the most popular show in Fever 104 after Khurafati Nitin's Show. As Khurafaati Nitin is the one of the most famous and successful name of radio world in India, every radio channel wants him to work for them. But DJ Richa is another famous name in the domain of Radio. She is cool, she is amazing, she is interesting and she makes you feel good when you share your trouble, problem, happiness or whatever comes to your mind while listening to her.

Once, I talked to her and was discussing about my friend. I am not going to mention anything here, but after talking to her, cried much and feel good as I had lost my dear friend. Sometimes it become quite hard to forget some unexpected accident but when you will talk Richa you will feel free. There will be no trouble in your life anymore. 

She use to say, "Koi baat hai jo ander hi ander pareshan kar rahi hai, to share karo and apni problem ko mere sath baanto. Call karo 011-44104104 mujhe, Zara C Life mai Richa hai aapke sath only on Fever 104 FM".

When she starts her show, I dunno why time gets so less? We want to listen to her as long as we get sleepy! But as always she goes without making us sleep. Still we love her, we love the way she talk and make people happy. She is lovely, she is sweetheart. I love you Richa Becoz you are the one who really fulfilling the job not only Radio Jockey but more than that.
Probably, you have noticed that whatever she played on Fever 104, all those songs relate to something she discusses. Well, if you are her new listener of then it’s suggested to give attention to Richa's show. It's "Zara Si Life" and you definitely gonna love it.

We had a poll about best RJ of Fever 104 Fm and she won the competition. She is Ma Favorite, <3 You Richa…Muuuhaaaaaa

Sunday, May 20, 2012

And DJ Richa Has Voted as a Most Popular RJ Over Fever FM 104

Hey Richa!! Congratulation sweetheart!! You are the one very famous DJ on Fever FM as people voted over my blog and me so happy as i voted for you too <3. Talked with Richa so many times in her show "Zara Si Life" and it really feels good when you talked to RJ/DJ. Richa is only one female DJ over Fever FM and i love her and love to listen her. the way she talk and give the sweet solution of all your problem. She is quite beautiful as you can see her on this website. She is cool, she is dashing and she is queen of voice.

To know more about Richa log on to or add her on Facebook or you can like her page over facebook and share whatever you would like to share. She will must reply you! All the best and keep rocking Richa! TC

And i will be back with something of Fever 104 FM. Stay Tuned.!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Khurapati NitiN Not Coming Today, DJ Sufi?

Seems DJ Nitin is not comming today as DJ Sufi gonna entertain us with his Sufi Ka Pitara Till 9 PM. They said, every listener is Damad ji, So i am! But How? Will ask to Sehwag that how can i be their “Delhi Daredevils”. Well Damad ji Banna is exciting but what is the reason inside. Kahin koi ladki to sponsor to nahi kar rahe “Delhi Daredevils wale?” Whatever it is, i am quite excited to meet that girl by the reason i am Damad ji of DD. Aaj Khurapaat to hogi nahi, Aaaj to Ishq Sufiyana hi hone wala hai. 

Kuch Khurapati Question are here:- 

“Is Sehwag ever tried to get match ticket though Jugad?” Asked by a listener. 
“Who is the girl you gonna sponsor to me by whom i am one of your Damad ji?” 
“Aap b Kisi ke Damad ji ho, to batao ki aapki kya khatirdari hoti hai wahan per? ” 
“Damad ji ki responsibilities ke bare mai Khul kar jankari do?”
 “Mujhe Damad Ji banakar kyon meri waat lagana chahte ho?”

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

(Suhas and Manu) Asking, Why Voting is Less in North Delhi

I Talked over phone with Suhas and Manu, I convinced a little with you guys but one thing you should ask those politician That why they become careful when they need votes? as they always come in voting time. I never share such problems with MCD office but what i share over Fever 104 is general problem and i am really disappointed, you edited that audio completely! It's not good Suhas & Manu. If you asking us to discuss such problem then you must take whole discussion online. I was not requesting any song, that was serious discussion. you edited a lot of what i said; if you are doing that, What we can expect from those MCD candidates. Look at Anna Hazare, He has been working/struggling for Lokpal bill only for us. What is going with them, it's been 2 year and nothing decided yet! Baat ye hai ki hum sabko har baat un tak pahunchani chahiye and there is Radio through they can come to know what people want of their area, after all media is playing important role. I felt Fever 104 were doing well as i called but after listening our talk which has edited a lot. I really don't think that you are doing good to increase voting in North Delhi. Yaar suruwaat to khud karo, Jo Banda bol raha hai usko pura to sunao sabko!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chandni Chowk Road to be named after Sachin Tendulkar: Big Success to Fever FM Campaign

Fever 104 FM started a campaign last days and asks their listeners to choose a road that they would like to be named after Indian Cricket Legend Sachin Tendulkar. After a very successful campaign and dedication of listeners from all over the country, great results have came out and Municipal Community of Delhi has agreed to named main road of Chandni Chowk to be named after Sachin Tendulkar, which will now be called as ‘Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar Marg”. This isvery great news and Fever 104 Fm has played a very important role and most important listeners from Delhi with their great love for Fever 104 FM and Sachin Tendulkar.

The whole campaign was not as easy as it looks.  When Fever 104 FM jockey approached authorities they declined the request by saying that no roads in Delhi are named after living people. Later RJ Nitin (Khurafati Nitin) put the point that Nelson Mandela Marg was named after living people, than authorities agreed to conclude a public poll for the same. Rest of the work was done by Fever 104 FM listeners from all over the India. After seeing the results Delhi Mayor Rajni Abbi agreed to name main road of Chandni Chowk to Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar Marg and said that Sachin is known as Sorts Legend in India and Fever FM has done perfect job in whole campaign. Fever 104 FM business head Harshad Jain congrats the team and said that this is the tribute to Sachin Tendulkar from Delhi and India.

Fever 104 FM is greatly thankful to all our listeners and supporters to make the campaign a grand success. We will be back shortly with some interesting gossips and news, till than tune in to Fever 104 FM Online.