Wednesday, April 4, 2012

(Suhas and Manu) Asking, Why Voting is Less in North Delhi

I Talked over phone with Suhas and Manu, I convinced a little with you guys but one thing you should ask those politician That why they become careful when they need votes? as they always come in voting time. I never share such problems with MCD office but what i share over Fever 104 is general problem and i am really disappointed, you edited that audio completely! It's not good Suhas & Manu. If you asking us to discuss such problem then you must take whole discussion online. I was not requesting any song, that was serious discussion. you edited a lot of what i said; if you are doing that, What we can expect from those MCD candidates. Look at Anna Hazare, He has been working/struggling for Lokpal bill only for us. What is going with them, it's been 2 year and nothing decided yet! Baat ye hai ki hum sabko har baat un tak pahunchani chahiye and there is Radio through they can come to know what people want of their area, after all media is playing important role. I felt Fever 104 were doing well as i called but after listening our talk which has edited a lot. I really don't think that you are doing good to increase voting in North Delhi. Yaar suruwaat to khud karo, Jo Banda bol raha hai usko pura to sunao sabko!


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