Thursday, August 30, 2012

Picture Panday with Anurag Panday on Fever 104

Picture Panday! In Delhi you can enjoy with Anurag Panday. Who will let you know everything (Trivia, spoiler, accident etc.) related to a particular movie. And in Mumbai the person who host the same show having same sir name :D "Panday" coz the last name define the show's content and elements etc.

I live in Delhi so will talk about Anurag Panday. He come to studio around 1:50 PM and start his show at 2:00. YEah his show is having ultimate and humor-full content and lot's of films trivia, which everyone is loving to know about. Who won't interested to know about Celeb and their films, Director, Choreographer etc. Bole to Anurag Panday tells every story releated to the movie. Along with that he also play the songs releated to the movie he is talking about within the show.

Recently, Anurag Panday met Bipasha Basu on the show Picture Panday and was very excited. You know Bips is too hot so guys must become excited. Let's see his excitement of getting clicked with her.

Not yet met him so nothing much to talk about. But people love the way he share info of movie. 

Tune in to Fever 104 and got to listen Picture Panday With Anurag Panday.


Srijoni Dutta said...

hi there ... someone kindly tell me that how can i ask to listen for a song to the running picture pandey ?

Hiten Vats said...

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