Monday, June 11, 2012

Zara Si Life with DJ Richa from 9 PM to 11PM Mon - Sat

So if you have been listening to Fever 104 FM then you must listen to Richa. She comes everyday (Mon to Sat) in the morning 6 to 7 and then come at night from 9 to 11. She hosts the show "Zara Si Life". Zara Si life, on of the most popular show in Fever 104 after Khurafati Nitin's Show. As Khurafaati Nitin is the one of the most famous and successful name of radio world in India, every radio channel wants him to work for them. But DJ Richa is another famous name in the domain of Radio. She is cool, she is amazing, she is interesting and she makes you feel good when you share your trouble, problem, happiness or whatever comes to your mind while listening to her.

Once, I talked to her and was discussing about my friend. I am not going to mention anything here, but after talking to her, cried much and feel good as I had lost my dear friend. Sometimes it become quite hard to forget some unexpected accident but when you will talk Richa you will feel free. There will be no trouble in your life anymore. 

She use to say, "Koi baat hai jo ander hi ander pareshan kar rahi hai, to share karo and apni problem ko mere sath baanto. Call karo 011-44104104 mujhe, Zara C Life mai Richa hai aapke sath only on Fever 104 FM".

When she starts her show, I dunno why time gets so less? We want to listen to her as long as we get sleepy! But as always she goes without making us sleep. Still we love her, we love the way she talk and make people happy. She is lovely, she is sweetheart. I love you Richa Becoz you are the one who really fulfilling the job not only Radio Jockey but more than that.
Probably, you have noticed that whatever she played on Fever 104, all those songs relate to something she discusses. Well, if you are her new listener of then it’s suggested to give attention to Richa's show. It's "Zara Si Life" and you definitely gonna love it.

We had a poll about best RJ of Fever 104 Fm and she won the competition. She is Ma Favorite, <3 You Richa…Muuuhaaaaaa